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Dates to Remember

2024 MTNA National Conference: March 16-20 in Atlanta, Georgia

2024 Popplers Competition: Grand Forks, July 24, Deadline to enter

August 7th,  Competition  at Popplers Music

2024 NDMTA State Conference: Hosted by Greater Grand Forks MTA, August 7-8. To be held at Popplers Music, Grand Forks

2024 North Dakota MTNA Competitions: Oct., at Valley City State University. Requirements, applications, fees and information is found on the MTNA website. Use this quick link to take you to the MTNA Competitions Page for more information: https://www.mtna.org/MTNA/Engage/Competitions/Competitions.aspx

2025 MTNA National Conference:   In March at Minneapolis, MN

scholarship winners and teachers FMMTA


NDMTA Conference Host Rotation: 2022-2023 Badlands MTA; 2023-2024 Greater Grand Forks MTA

IMTF (Independent Music Teachers Forum) Luncheon Rotation: 2022-2023 Langdon Area MTA; 2024-2025 Minot MTA; 2026-2027 Upper Valley MTA