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Popplers Music Competitions

2024 Popplers Music Competitions to be held Wednesday, August 7 at Popplers Music Store in Grand Forks

The Popplers Music Competitions are non-advancing competitions sponsored by NDMTA. The Popplers Music competitions are available for students from elementary through college level ages who are studying with a member of NDMTA. Cash Prizes are awarded to the winners.

Competition Categories

popplers competition winners


  • Piano & strings
  • Ages 8-11

Junior High

  • Piano, woodwinds & strings
  • Ages 12-14

High School

  • Piano, voice, brass, woodwinds and strings
  • Ages 15-18


  • Brass, woodwinds, piano, strings, voice & chamber music
  • Ages 18-26


Details about Popplers Music Competitions:

  • Non-advancing competitions
  • Sponsored by Popplers Music and NDMTA
  • Held in conjunction with the NDMTA Conference
  • Available to all students from elementary through college level ages
  • Must be studying with a member of the NDMTA
  • Cash Prizes Awarded

General requirements, guidelines, and entry form can be obtained through the attached forms.


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NDMTA Popplers Music Competitions

Tamara Bertram